Weekly Harvest: 2/17/17

Weekly Harvest

It’s Friday…I think we can all be thankful for that!

This weekend I’ll be getting an official dose of outdoor medicine. As you’re reading this I’ll be headed back to our farm to scout some of the public ground that is near our property. From the aerials I’ve studied and the drive-by I’ve done, the area looks promising. My plan is to get a closer look on Saturday w/a boots on the ground scout. I’ll post some footage on Facbook live ,and look for a Youtube video in the near future documenting the scout.

The second plan is to do a little shed hunting in a few key location on the farm and do a card pull to see if any bucks made it through gun season. I’m pumped to be getting back in the timber! Until next time, enjoy this week’s deer news!

When The Hunt For A Target Buck Is Over—Diego: I can’t say I’ve had the pleasure to chasing a particular buck for multiple seasons however, these animals are special and the emotion of the chase and harvest is real.

Deer Hunting Success Favors Students: The timber is my classroom…

New Non Typical Whitetail Record Upheld: I couldn’t imagine seeing this while in a stand.

In This Incredible Age, What Defines The Modern Hunter: Something to ponder to pass the time on stand this fall.