EP. 383: Becoming A More Efficient Hunter | Dan Johnson

Today on the podcast I’m joined by my buddy Dan Johnson. If you’re anything like Dan and I (and all of you out there juggling family, work and other responsibilities), it seems like our time gets more limited every year. Whether by choice or out of necessity, efficiency is the name of the game. Gone are the days of having all the time in the world to scout or hunt endlessly. Or have all puzzle pieces to the chess match. Now we rely on past experiences to fill in the gaps and make quick decisions. Whether that’s when to move, when to hunt, what cold fronts to hunt or…if you’re better served knowing out that honey do list this week vs hunting. All of these decisions come a little quicker with a little more accuracy with experience. Always a good hang with Dan, hope you all dig the chat – thanks for listening.

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  1. Experience = efficiency 
  2. First cold front of the year
  3. Mock scrapes
  4. Knowing when to strike and deer behavior
  5. And much more


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