EP. 395: Cracking The Big Buck Code | Adam Hays

Hey folks, In this episode I chat with big buck killer Adam Hayes. Out of 40 bucks, he’s killed 10 that have grossed into the elite Booner class, and 4 of those have smashed 200-inch ambition . We dive into hunting mature bucks, the importance of wind direction, and the role of effective scouting.

Adam shares his early season tactics, how to balance patience and aggression, and the mental grind of hunting in October and the rut. We also talk about the influence of hunting legends on Adam’s journey and his strategies for the October lull, including how the moon plays a role. Plus, Adam opens up about a giant buck that got away.

Tune in and enjoy the show!


  • Hunting where the wind favors deer increases success.
  • Patience and discipline are essential for optimal hunting conditions.
  • Learning from experienced hunters 
  • Big deer often hide in unexpected places 
  • Each deer has unique behavior patterns
  • The moon influences deer movement and optimal hunting times.
  • Early season hunting can be predictable and patternable.
  • The October lull is great for hunting if you know deer locations.
  • During the rut, focus on peak activity times and prime spots.
  • Missed opportunities happen, even to seasoned hunters.


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