EP. 382: If You’re Hunting Hot Sign, You’re A Day Behind | Brandon Barlow

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Today on the podcast I’m joined by my buddy Brandon Barlow. Brandon hunts public and small permission parcels in the south. As a native New Yorker he’s had to adapt his hunting approach from relying on the historical calendar dates of good whitetail hunting…to now using long-term data to keep him in the game as his season is much longer. And the deer seem to have a much broader breeding window within specific pockets. He runs 100+ cameras a year and has been able to glean some pretty interesting observations. I’m a long-term data guy myself and I was looking forward to picking up a few new nuggets of insight for myself – thanks for listening.

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  1. Hunting bachelor groups early
  2. The value of an old doe
  3. Analyzing camera data for big bucks
  4. Tight vs loose rut
  5. Breeding dates and food sources
  6. And much more


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