Deer Scouting PA Public Land Video: Part 1

Hey gang, If you’re like me you’ve been itching to get back into the timber and get your 2017 hunting season started. This past weekend’s phenomenal weather (and a 3 day weekend) gave me an opportunity to hit some public land that I had been planning to scout. I did manage to fit in a little shed hunting, but since I’m possibly the world’s worst shed hunter I decided to make a deposit in the 2017 big buck bank account with some scouting.

In this 2 part video series I”ll bring you all with me on a full day of public land scouting on a parcel I’ve only viewed from aerial maps prior to these videos. The total parcel is 1,700 acres, but I’ll  be focusing on only a few hundred.  These videos are meant to be DIY/no frills. Just scouting and putting in miles. Hope you enjoy the video, and part 2 will be coming soon.

Could YouTube find a more ridiculous shot of my face to use as a thumbnail?

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