Truth From The Stand Podcast #20: California to Iowa & Lessons Learned W/ Charles Byrum

Today on the show we’re joined by Charles Byrum. Charles is a friend of mine who has an interesting story of adapting his hunting strategies/approach as he moved his family from California to Iowa. He’s had to overcome a few barriers along the way and has been able to put the puzzle pieces together in a new state to harvest some nice bucks.

Before I forget, I’ll be announcing the the winner of the Exodus Lift trail camera during the podcast today, so be sure to stay tuned!

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What To Expect From Podcast #20:

—Charles’ background

—How Clint and Charles met

—When Charles started hunting and what hunting in California is like

—Why Charles moved to Iowa (beyond the obvious answer)

—Difference between hunting California and Iowa

—Similarities between hunting California and Iowa

—Learning curve when hunting a new state

—Gaining property access in a new state

—The challenges of social media use and hunting

—Charles’ Iowa buck harvest

Show Notes And Links:

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2 thoughts on “Truth From The Stand Podcast #20: California to Iowa & Lessons Learned W/ Charles Byrum

  1. Thank you Clint and Phil for having me on I had a great time getting to talk deer hunting with you guys. I really appreciate all the time and effort you guys put in to these podcasts. I owe a lot of my whitetail knowledge to the work you have done and the news and tips you all provide. I look forward to watching and hearing you grow the Truth From The Stand brand.

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