Truth From The Stand Podcast #19:Talking PA & OH Bucks, Tinemen, & Tuned In Archery W/Dan Bayus

Today on the show I’m joined by Dan Bayus. Many of you may know him from his nationally renowned ability to tune bows or his hunting show Tinemen. We’ll be covering Tuned In Archery with Dan today as well as diving into his recent move and how he  finds and hunts new properties.

Before I forget, we’ll be sharing the details on how you can win a free Exodus Lift camera during the course of this podcast—so stay tuned!

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What To Expect From Podcast #19:

—Dan’s background and where he currently lives

—Moving to Pennsylvania from Ohio and hunting new lands

—How Dan scopes a new property

—How Dan likes to use trail cameras

—Hunting the weather and the moon

—Sleeping in on morning hunts

—How Dan got into tuning bows and Tuned In Archery

—Things people should consider when buying a new bow

—Explaining bare shaft tuning

—Draw length too long?

—How Tinemen got started

—Dan’s newest endeavor, Hang On Helper

—Going on a hunt with Dan…and what hunting is all about

Show Notes And Links:

—Check out Tuned In Archery  and Hang On Helper  sites to keep up with all the things Dan is working on

—Follow Dan and Tuned In Archery on Facebook and Twitter

—Follow Hang On Helper on Facebook

—Visit our partners  Exodus Outdoor Gear , Whitetail Institute of North America, and Lone Wolf Portable Treestands

—Check out Buck Bumper from Sound Barrier and take your stealth to the next level. Use the promo code “the stand” and get 10% off at check out!