EP. 396: Balancing Technology & The Hunting Experience

Hey folks, Clint here from the Truth From The Stand podcast. In this episode, I chat with Chad about what seems like the annual trail camera controversy and potential bans, questioning their impact on access issues. We stress fighting for hunting rights and better wildlife management.

We also touch on hunting access, land ownership, and tech’s role in the field. Hot topics like baiting, cell cameras, and fair chase get some airtime too.

Finally, we discuss prepping for Western hunts, from physical training to gear choices, and I share how shooting a longbow affects my compound bow skills.

Tune in and enjoy the show!


  • Controversy around trail cameras and potential state bans
  • Confusion on how trail cameras impact access issues and if banning them helps
  • Need for better wildlife resource management to secure hunting’s future
  • Complex issue of maintaining public land access for hunting
  • Unintended consequences of hunting content and technology on the community
  • Polarizing topics: baiting, cell cameras, and fair chase
  • Balancing technology use and preserving the hunting experience
  • Future of technology in hunting and its impact on access and recruitment
  • Preparation for Western hunts: physical training and gear choices
  • Shooting a longbow can enhance compound bow skills
  • Mental preparation is crucial for hunting in the West


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