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Welcome to Truth From the Stand.  My name is Clint Campbell, and I’m the founder of Truthfromthestand.com. Below I’ve outlined how to get started here. Grab your whitetail addiction and make yourself at home!—Clint Campbell

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Freelance Deer Hunting Strategy | Iowa Public Land
Clint’s Public Land Iowa Buck

I grew up hunting the Pennsylvania woods from small game to whitetail and bear. Most of my hunting growing up was performed with a firearm.  I had a 10 year hiatus from hunting while I lived out-of-state, with the exception of one Alaska bear and black tail deer hunt. I eventually made my way back to Pennsylvania and returned to the woods I grew up in, this time with a bow in hand, and I’ve been addicted since. The woods have much to teach, and I look forward to a lifetime of lessons learned.