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Welcome to Truth From the Stand.  My name is Clint Campbell, and I’m the founder of Truthfromthestand.com. Below I’ve outlined how to get started here. Grab your whitetail addiction and make yourself at home!—Clint Campbell

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More About Clint

I grew up hunting the Pennsylvania woods from small game to whitetail and bear. I had a 10 year hiatus from hunting while I lived out-of-state, with the exception of one Alaska bear hunt. It wasn’t until a few years ago when I moved back to Pennsylvania that I tried archery hunting for the first time. I jumped in the deep end with a recurve for my first season, and I have to admit, I’ve been addicted since. The planning, strategy and patterning of deer during natural movement is what hooked me. There is so much to learn, from food plots, moon phases, to weather, and the all important puzzle piece —playing the wind. These elements appeal to my curious nature, and will provide a lifetime of learning opportunities as well as days spent in the woods.


So why blog and make videos? To start, I best remember things I’ve picked up by explaining, doing and writing the information for others. Hopefully this will help me become a better hunter and outdoorsman. But more importantly, maybe sharing my experiences can help you meet your own hunting goals. Whether it be harvesting a mature buck or implementing attractive food plots, I’ll share with you my honest experiences, successes and failures, so we both can learn and grow as hunters. I find archery hunting to be the most truthful hunting experience as I’m challenged to match wits with the smartest animal in the woods. Gaining an advantage and tipping the scales in the favor of a whitetail hunter, is often a lifetime of missteps and learning experiences.  I’ve found one constant to be true, you must be honest in your approach to be prepared for the ultimate moment of truth from the stand.

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