Truth From The Stand Podcast #15: Patterning Mature Bucks On Public Land W/Midwest Whitetail’s Aaron Warbritton

Today on the show I’m joined by Aaron Warbritton of Midwest Whitetail. Aaron is a producer with Midwest Whitetail and works on a wide variety of video/content coming from Bill Winke’s crew. Just a few to his credit include Cabelas’s Spring Thunder, Great Plains Show, Cabela’s Whitetail Season and he even chips in on some of the Chasing November content. Today Aaron will share strategies for patterning mature bucks on public land along with a few late season tips.

With a renewed affinity for hunting public land, I was really looking forward to chatting with Aaron. I certainly picked up a few tips and tricks from, and I hope you all do too—Enjoy!

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What To Expect From Podcast #15 :

—Aaron’s background

—Best times of the season to pattern mature bucks on public land

—Online scouting

—Terrain features to look for on public land

—How to use hot sign to your advantage

—How long it takes to pattern a mature buck before moving in for a hunt

—Aggressive hunting vs. patience

—Observation sits vs. hunts

—Preparing for the grind of the season

—Aaron’s take on the moon and weather patterns

—Playing the wind w/mature bucks

—Scent concealment

—3 tips for late season deer hunting

Show Notes And Links:

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