Truth From The Stand Podcast #14: Ozone & Monster Bucks W/ Buddy Piland Of Ozonics

Today on the show Phil and I are joined by Buddy Piland, VP of Marketing with Ozonics. Buddy is a serious deer hunter and shares how Ozonics can be a valued part of anyone’s sent control routine enhancing your chances for close encounters.

I’ve been looking forward to talking with Buddy. This past season I began trying a few different types of ozone tactics and I feel like ozone was played a part in the success I had during my Ohio hunt. I wanted to get more information about ozone, and Ozonics specifically, and was glad Buddy was willing to join us. I hope you’ll find the conversation as informative and enjoyable as Phil and I did!

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What To Expect From Podcast #14 :

—Phil’s rifle season tracking expedition

—Clint’s embarrassing session at the archery range

—Buddy’s background

—Buddy’s 2016 hunting season

—How Ozonics was developed

—How Ozonics work

—Deer’s reaction to encountering ozone

—Why you should use wind trackers vs. puff bottles to determine wind direction

—How to set up an Ozonics unit

—Passive vs. active scent management

—Using Ozonics in a treestand or a ground blind

—Battery life and Ozonics boost mode

—Ozonics products

—Buddy shares his hunt where he harvested a monster Canadian buck scoring over 170 inches

—Show wrap up

Show Notes And Links:

—Learn more about Ozonics at 

—Follow Ozonics on all their social media platforms: ( Facebook Twitter, YouTube and, Instagram )

—Check out our partner, Exodus Trail Cameras, at…and be sure to follow them on their social media pages ( Facebook  Twitter,  and, Instagram )