Truth From The Stand Podcast #16: Mature Buck Bedding & High-Pressure Public Land Hunting w/ Dan Infalt

Today on the show Phil and I are joined by Big Buck Serial Kill, Dan Infalt. Dan Likely needs no introduction to many of you, as he’s well known and highly regarded throughout the whitetail community as a hunter whose tips and strategies have helped many take great deer. Dan’s approach to hunting high-pressure public lands and mature buck bedding has allowed him to regularly take the top bucks in the areas he’s hunting. On today’s show, Dan will share this approach to hunting high-pressured public lands and how to locate mature buck bedding and more!

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What To Expect From Podcast #16:

—Dan’s background

—Hunter’s growing affinity for hunting public lands

—Qualifying a piece of land prior to hunting (hill country and swamp land)

—Hunting areas close to access points

—Best time to scout is during the season

—How to use/hunt the sign you find

—Locating buck bedding

—Terrain features and buck bedding

—Using buck bedding to see what the buck sees

—What is a bucks “save zone” and how to hunt near it

—Defining primary bedding vs. seasonal bedding

—Dan’s 3 stands theory

—Rut Bedding

—How bucks use the wind to enter and exit bedding

—How to hunt off wind and thermals

—Dan’s approach to using the moon

—Dan’s approach to observation sits vs. kill sits

—How Dan uses game cameras

—Dan’s stalking story of his 180 inch Wisconsin swamp buck

Show Notes And Links:

—Check out Dan’s website and forum, The Hunting Beast

—Be sure to check out  The Hunting Beast videos on YouTube 

—Follow The Hunting Beast on all their social media platforms: ( Facebook and Twitter )

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