EP. 390: I Like Big Six And I Cannot Lie | Greg Litzinger

Hey folks, We’re back with a brand new episode of the Truth from the Stand deer hunting podcast. This time around, I’m joined by my buddy Greg Litzinger to dive into all things hunting and bow shooting. And guess what? This is part one of a two-part series, so there’s even more to come next week.

In this episode, Greg talks about his recent hand injury and its potential impact to his upcoming hunting season. We dig into the topic of adjusting bow poundage and share some tips for shooting in windy conditions. And yes, we take on the tough issue of poaching and its effects on our hunting community.

We talk about Gregs unhealthy obsessions with shooting big six-points versus those larger eight-points. Greg and I share our personal preferences and stories, appreciating the unique aesthetics of those funky deer racks. We cover some essential hunting strategies, like doing a dry run, scouting your area, finding the perfect tree setup, and even the benefits of hunting from the ground. Plus, we talk about our layering systems for different seasons and the importance of off-season bow practice.

So, grab a seat and enjoy the show!


  • Adjusting bow poundage for injuries
  • Shooting in windy conditions
  • Expectations for hunters who have shot record-breaking deer
  • Different attitudes towards poaching
  • Preference for shooting big six-point bucks over larger eight-point bucks
  • Aesthetics and appeal of unique and funky-looking deer 
  • Doing a dry run 
  • Finding the right tree for setup is crucial


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