EP. 391: No Regerts | Greg Litzinger

Hey folks, we’re back with a fresh episode of the Truth from the Stand deer hunting podcast. In this episode, we tackle balancing work and hunting, share strategies for hunting mountainous terrain, and dive into some personal hunting regrets.

We discuss terrain selection, effective trail camera use, and understanding deer behavior, including the time gap between bucks shedding velvet and making their fall shift. We also explore the love-hate relationship with hunting, its challenges, and the limited time we have to pursue it. Plus, we talk about the potential for Sunday hunting in Pennsylvania.

Tune in and enjoy the show!


  • Work-life balance and flexibility in work hours allow for strategic hunting opportunities
  • Hunting in mountainous terrain 
  • Scouting and hunting in public land areas require patience and a long-term approach 
  • Food sources, clear cuts, and bedding areas in the mountains
  • Regrets in hunting 
  • The time gap between buck shedding velvet and making their fall shift 
  • The love of hunting lies in the challenge 
  • The potential for Sunday hunting in Pennsylvania 


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