EP. 389: Adapting & Creating a Process For Killing Big Deer | Rendell Erik

On today’s episode, I’m joined by Rendell Erik, and we’re diving into our recent hunting adventures across different states. We tackle the challenges of long drives, varying deer populations, and what makes certain states our top picks for hunting. Scouting, finding secondary food sources, and reading historical sign are key topics we cover.

Rendell shares an intense story about a 180-incher that got away, highlighting the challenges of open terrain hunting. We also discuss the mistakes made, lessons learned, and the importance of being aggressive and not overthinking when hunting mature bucks. Our strategies include hunting low in trees and using back cover for concealment.

Scouting and visualizing the hunt are crucial, and we talk about how taking phone videos during scouting of key spots can aid in planning. Trusting your instincts and sticking to your system without second-guessing is essential for success.

This episode is all about enjoying the hunt and being in the game, not just focusing on the end result. Tune in and elevate your hunting game with us!


– Long drives are necessary for hunting in different states.

– Consider deer population density and hunting pressure when choosing spots.

– Identifying secondary food sources are crucial.

– Historical signs reveal deer movement patterns.

– Learn valuable lessons from hunting mistakes.

– Being aggressive increases success.

– Hunt low in trees and use back cover for concealment.

– Pre-hunt scouting and visualization aid decision-making.

– Videos of key spots help with planning.

– Trust your instincts and decisions.

– Stick to your system and avoid other tactics.

– Enjoy the hunting process and being in the game.

– Adapt to different terrains and learn from experiences.- Hunt your own way and have fun.


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