Montana Elk Hunt Archery Preparation

One of the things I like to work on when I’m at the range is shooting from different positions while carrying my pack to simulate some of the more awkward shooting positions I may encounter during a hunt. In this video, I’ll be doing my archery preparation for an elk hunt. I’m shooting at a3D elk target at 57 yards, from my knees, with a 40 lb pack. I know this is likely more weight than I’ll typically hike with in Montana however, I try to make the scenarios more difficult now so the sequence is a little easier when the rubber meets the road in September.

I also use this range time to determine which pins I’ll be using at odd distances. It’s one thing to be accurate at even distances like 20, 30, and 40 yards, even out to 70 yards. It’s another thing to understand which pins you should use at in between distances like 37 or 56 yards.  And it’s an entirely different animal to do it with your target elk or whitetail approaching. With that, I try to spend time each range session to shoot at in between distances and understand my arrow trajectory from one pin to the next.

Hope you enjoy the video, I had fun making it!