Truth From The Stand Podcast #27: Planning For DIY Public Land Success W/ Bernie Barringer

Today’s guest likely needs no introduction, as I’m joined by Bernie Barringer, accomplished outdoor writer, DIY hunter, trapper, salmon fisher…you name it Bernie has done it. Today Bernie shares his depth of knowledge for planning successful out-of-state DIY hunts.

Many think DIY hunts are only able to be pulled of by a certain type of hunter. Most assume it’s too expensive, or that you need access to private land. Bernie’s here to bust those myths and help provide tips for planning for DIY public land succes.

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What To Expect From Podcast #27:

—Bernnie’s background

—Why Bernie likes DIY hunting

—Deciding if DIY hunts are for you

—Setting expectation

—Choosing a state/area to hunt (best DIY states)

—Approach on hunting familiar land or new land each year

—Tools for narrowing down parcels of land to hunt and scouting

—Using cameras when hunting out-of-state

—Time of season Bernie likes for public land

—Aggressive hunting

—Using bump and hunt approach

—Stand access and locations

—Bernie shares a public land encounter to provide perspective

Show Notes And Links:

—Visit our partners  Exodus Outdoor Gear , Whitetail Institute of North America, and Lone Wolf Portable Treestands

—Check out Bernie’s YouTube page to see all their videos

—Be sure to follow Bernie on and Facebook

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