EP. 282: Wilderness Survival & Preparedness | Kevin Estela

Today on the podcast I’m joined by Kevin Estela from Fieldcraft Survival. Kevin is a wilderness survival and bushcraft expert and is the Director of Training at Fieldcraft Survival. As I’m preparing for an elk hunt in Grizzly country this fall, preparedness and survival has been on my mind. Truthfully, the events of the past 2 years should have everyone thinking about how prepared they are if they need to go it alone, or secure their loved ones for a period of time. I began reading Kevin’s book “101 Skills You Need To Survive In The Woods” and wanted to learn straight from the source. Kevin has a great way of teaching and communicating that comes natural and made this conversation one of my favorites to date. Hope you all dig it as much as I did – thanks for listening!

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  1. Let’s call it a fight
  2. How Kevin got into survival and preparedness
  3. Real tools for real people
  4. Overnighting in Grizzly country
  5. And much more!


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