Video Tip: Offseason Projects For Better Deer Hunting

Even though it’s officially spring, you still have a little time left to hit the timber to make some of your larger land improvements while minimally disturbing your deer habitat.

We as hunters and land managers typically focus on spring and summer enhancements. Hell, I’m guilty of this myself however, I’m learning. Winter and early spring are optimum times to really get some of the heavy lifting done with the least amount of disturbance to your habitat and deer herd.

This year I’ll be scouting my largest sanctuaries in the next few weeks to see what treasures they may hold in the form of sign and deer intelligence. Yes this is an intrusion into my herds sacred space, but the herd will have plenty of time to recover from my brief, and hopefully worthwhile intrusion.

 Check out the video below from the guys at Deer & Deer Hunting as they share some of the habitat maintenance projects that are great for winter and early spring.