Truth From The Stand Podcast #6: Ryan Furrer of QDMA Shares Tips & Benefits Of Starting a QDM Co-Op

Today on the show I’m joined by Ryan Furrer, Senior Regional Director and Field Supervisor with Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA). We’ll discuss the health of Pennsylvania’s deer herd, CWD,  how to start a successful QDM cooperative, and Ryan’s encounter with a monster buck named Stickers.

I’m pumped to share this podcast. Beyond being a great guy and a hell of a story teller, Ryan has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things deer and deer hunting. Additionally,  QDMA is a great organization doing meaningful work for the betterment of future generations of deer herds and hunters—and I’m happy to support their efforts.

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What To Expect From Podcast #6 :

—Ryan’s background

—What QDMA is and does

—The State of Pennsylvania’s deer herd and CWD

—How to establish a QDM cooperative

—Types of rules and regulations for your QDM co-op

—Benefits of a QDM co-op

—What huntings means to Ryan and the importance to passing and exposing kids to the hunting lifestyle

—Ryan’s multiple encounters with a monster buck named stickers

—Show wrap up

Show Notes And Links:

—Find out more about Quality Deer Management Association

—Become a QDMA member now

—Steps to establish a QDM co-op

—Follow Quality Deer Management Association on all their social media platforms for their latest information: Facebook  Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

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