Weekly Harvest: 9/2/16

Weekly Harvest

Alright. I’m two weeks away from opening day in the eastern part of Pennsylvania. The season doesn’t open on the farm until the beginning of September, so I’ll get my fix with some early season public land hunts her in eastern PA.

Busy holiday weekend with my daughter’s birthday party this weekend. But I will get a away for a few hours to pull camera cards at the farm. I’m hoping to have a better report to share than the last pull?!?!

Everyone enjoy the holiday weekend, and enjoy the best deer news articles from the world whitetail web below!

Deer, Hunters Benefit Working Together—All management is local: Getting the neighborhood involved in creating a healthier more hunt able deer herd is a great idea. This weeks Truth From The Stand Podcast discusses this topic w/ Ryan Furrer of QDMA.

Controlling Pressure: Discipline is key when controlling hunting pressure on the land you hunt.

How Hunting Less Can Equal More: I’m attempting to live this philosophy. However, it’s extremely hard.

5 Things To Do This Month For Deer Hunting—September: Some last minute advice before the season.

Why Deer Hunters Should Care About The Conservation Reserve Program: Land in CRP, or CREP in PA, is some of the best land I’ve hunted.

An Open Letter To The Guy Who Can’t Eat Horns: This is a pretty funny article. I apologize in advance if you’re “that” horn guy.