Truth From The Stand Podcast #8: Hunting & Habitat Strategies for Small Properties With Jake Ehlinger

Today on the show Phil and I are Joined by Jake Ehlinger of Habitat Solutions 360 and Whitetail Properties. Jake is one of the premier habitat consultants in the country and has a wealth of knowledge related to creating deer habitat and hunting strategies. Today we’ll discuss habitat and hunting strategies for small properties in high pressure hunting states, and hear a few great stories from Jake along the way.

I’m pumped to share this podcast. I’d been looking forward to talking with Jake for a while. And the knowledge he shares certainly will not disappoint. I hope each of you enjoy the conversation as much as Phil and I did.

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What To Expect From Podcast #8 :

—Phil’s big news

—Clint’s Ohio scouting update

—Jake’s background

—Jake’s 2015 hunting season

—Isolated buck bedding and cover

—Topography features and creating isolated buck bedding and cover

—How to hunt isolated buck bedding areas

—Using the moon to predict deer movement

—Using the barometer to plan hunts

—How to assess your neighborhood and enhancements for property in high pressured areas

—Jake explains the most important step when enhancing a property’s habitat

—Types of food plots for small properties

—How prevailing wind impacts location of habitat enhancements

—Deer using tail wind

—Jake’s scent control routine

—How often and when to hunt stand locations on small properties

—Jake’s take on cover scents

—Jake’s great buck harvest he captured on film

Show Notes And Links:

—Learn more about Jake at Habitat Solutions 360 and Whitetail Properties

—Follow Jake on Facebook 

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