EP. 388: Combining Trail Camera Data W/ On-the-Ground Scouting | Ryan Glitsky

In this chat, Ryan and I dive deep into our trail camera tactics and how we decipher the data for our hunts. With around 30 cameras each, we stress the importance of picking spots with dense cover that make mature bucks feel at home. Our strategy is simple: focus on deer trails, key terrain features, scrapes and transitions.

Our talk revolves around understanding the ‘why’ behind deer behavior, blending trail camera intel with on-the-ground scouting and ass time in a tree in season. We highlight how weather, wind, and terrain influence deer movement, shaping our hunting playbook.

As we map out our upcoming hunts, we swap our approaches to using wind patterns, weather’s impact on deer behavior, and the key days to be in the woods, especially during the rut. 


  • Using trail cameras to cover large tracts of land
  • Security cover
  • Following edges and transitions, and deer trails, can lead to finding good sign
  • Simplicity and focusing on the diversity of factors 
  • Combining trail camera data with on-the-ground scouting 
  • Weather conditions, wind direction, and thermals 
  • Putting in time and effort over multiple seasons is necessary to develop a successful hunting strategy
  • Specific days of the week can have a significant impact on deer activity
  • Persistence and mental focus are key to hunting success.


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