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Join me on the Truth From the Stand Podcast as I sit down with Troy Fowler to delve into the heart of bowhunting and arrow dynamics. We’re diving deep into the world of hunting experiences, arrow spine, and fine-tuning those crucial shots. Troy drives home the critical nature of arrow flight, spotlighting how using underspined arrows can dramatically impact lethality out in the field. Plus, he shares invaluable insights into bare shafting and its profound effect on arrow trajectory.

But wait, there’s more! We’re not just talking compound bows here. Traditional archery aficionados, listen up! Troy sheds light on how traditional techniques can inform your approach to arrow tuning, especially when you’re wielding a compound bow. And let’s not forget about arrow point weight – a small detail with massive implications for your shot’s precision.

We’re also dissecting the broadhead game, folks. From sharpness to durability, we’re weighing the pros and cons of single bevel versus three-blade broadheads and how they impact penetration and wound channels. And believe me, we’re not skimping on the nitty-gritty details of arrow weight and speed, crucial factors for achieving that buttery-smooth flight every hunter dreams of.

But here’s the kicker: Troy spills the beans on why heavy arrows and single-bevel broadheads reign supreme when it comes to bone-crushing penetration. And before we wrap up, we’re tackling the age-old question: What’s the ideal angle for bagging that prized deer? Spoiler alert: It’s all about accuracy and effectiveness, my friends. So, grab your gear, tune in, and let’s up our bowhunting game together!


  • Arrow flight is crucial for bowhunting success, and underspined arrows can reduce lethality.
  • Bare shafting and tuning arrows can greatly improve arrow flight and accuracy.
  • Traditional archery can provide valuable insights into arrow tuning and manipulation.
  • Choosing the right broadhead is crucial, and sharpness and durability are key factors to consider.
  • Single bevel broadheads are easy to sharpen and provide good penetration.
  • Three-blade broadheads are also effective and offer consistent pass-through.
  • One-piece machined heads are recommended for durability and performance.
  • Shot placement is critical
  • Shooting where the animal wants to be shot increases the chances of a successful kill.
  • Arrow weight and speed play a role in achieving consistent flight and penetration.


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