EP. 377: Simplify Hunting & Find More Success | Trust Your Gut | Tim Bunao

Today on the podcast I’m joined by my buddy Tim Bunao. Tim and I are birds of a feather in the sense that when we set a goal…there’s no turning back. We both have adopted a similar approach the past few years…and that’s simplifying things, and trusting our gut to find more success. Tim Moved west to expand his hunting opportunities a few years ago…he’s still a die-hard whitetail bow hunter. Now he ’s just added a few species to list. He had an epic season this year from as last minute move to stalk a whitetail, to killing a giant bull and stalking and killing a mountain lion the same day…with a bow! Super stoked to have Tim back on…he’s the real deal – thanks for listening.

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  1. Believing in your own intel
  2. The art of spot and stalk
  3. The power of trusting your gut
  4. Simplify hunting and find success
  5. The short guy advantage
  6. And much more


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