EP. 376: Bucks With Wet Feet | Zero Arrow | U.P. Bowhunter

Today on the podcast I’m joined by my buddy Todd Freeman. Todd is one of those guys who constantly seeks adventure – whether it’s traveling back to his home state of Michigan to hunt the U.P. or out his back door kayaking into hard to reach place in New Jersey. One thing he’s always looking for are bucks that like wet feet. Aside from that, he’s become my go to resource as I jump in to the world of shooting a long bow. Prior to recording this episode, Todd and I spent the day in his shop building my zero arrow and shooting his long bow that he gifted me, until I have my made. It’s good to have good friends to help you do epic stuff. Hope you all dig the sesh as much as I did – thanks for listening.

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  1. Zero Arrow
  2. Archie Bunker
  3. Sheds and scouting
  4. Big Bucks and wet feet
  5. And much more


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