Video Tip: Making Great Mock Scrapes Work For You

 Making Great Mock Scrapes Work For You

About this time of year I begin making mock scrapes. In fact, the wet weather I’ve had the past two weekends has been ideal  for keeping my scent down while making mock scrapes and moving cameras. I’m particularly excited for mock scrape location where I’ve had yearly sighting of nice bucks on the downwind side of a known doe bedding area. There is a small logging trail that runs the edge of the doe bedding, and every year a handful of nice bucks are seen crossing the field using this old logging trail.

I’m not sure why, but I’ve never hunted this location? This year I’ve decided to find a well covered, climbable tree and placed a mock scrape 20 yards out from the tree. I also made a licking branch using Smokey’s Pre-Orbital Gland Lure. This set up should give me an ideal shot if the plan comes together. I hung a game camera near by the scrape and will hopefully be rewarded with some good intel and an encounter.

If you’re interested in making mock scrapes work for you in a variety of ways, check out the video below from the guys at Deer & Deer Hunting—enjoy!

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  1. Its always good to wear rubber hip waders and rubber gloves also to help with scent, as well as utilizing wet days or windy days like was said to eliminate any sound intrusion and utilize sound concealment practices! Good success ~ Adam

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