Video Tip: Building A Natural Deer Antler Shed Trap

This time of year is challenging, with turkey season still more than a few weeks away and deer season solidly in the rearview mirror, I spend more time indoors than I’d like. One way to get out and stay connected to the whitetail woods is by hitting the timber to do some shed hunting. Unfortunately, my most recent outing was less than fruitful with my haul of sheds equaling a grand total of zero.

With my lack of shed hunting success, I decided to  build a few shed traps to hopefully increase my odds of finding a few pieces of bone. There is great debate over the effectiveness of shed traps, some folks think they work and others aren’t so sure. As for me, I could use all the help I can get finding sheds, so I’m willing to give shed traps a try. At minimum I should get some good game camera pictures for my effort.

Below is a quick video on how to make a natural shed trap. There are plenty of DIY shed traps you could find online and build. However, many can be harmful to deer and at times kill a buck whose antlers become tangled in the trap when they’re antlers aren’t ready to dislodge. This is why I prefer the more natural approach I’ve shared in the video below.