Truth From The Stand Podcast #11: Using Maps To Create Better Hunting Strategies w/Ben Harshyne Of HUNTERRA

Today on the show Phil and I are joined by Ben Harshyne, a fellow whitetail addict, native PA fella, and CEO of HUNTERRA Maps. Ben is a map guru who owns and operates the premier hunting and land management mapping company in the industry.  Today Ben will share how maps can help identify key land features before putting boots on the ground, and help take your hunting strategies to the next level.

I’ve been looking forward to talking with Ben for a while. This year I’ve been more focused on my map studies in preparation for my current Ohio hunt. Ben shares a ton on knowledge regarding maps, how to identify land features, how deer use these land features and overall whitetail strategies. I hope you all enjoy the conversation as much as phil and I did.

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What To Expect From Podcast #11 :

—Ben’s background

—Ben’s quest for “Pork,” a clean Iowa 10 point

—How maps can shed new light on a familiar property

—Aerial vs. topo maps

—Assessing a new property using maps

—Identifying terrain or habitat change

—Identifying saddles, pinch points, benches and draws… and how deer use these features

—Micro vs. macro views of property and management of specific stand sites

—Benches and thermals

—Hunting hard vs. hunting smart: how maps can help your boots on the ground scouting time count

—Ben’s story of the night he became a bow hunter

Show Notes And Links:

—Learn more about HUNTERRA products and offerings

—Follow HUNTERRA on all their social media platforms: ( Facebook  Twitter, YouTube and, Instagram )

—Check out our partner, Exodus Trail Cameras, at…and be sure to follow them on their social media pages ( Facebook  Twitter,  and, Instagram )

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