Podcast #59: Non-Hunter To Becoming A Hunter w/Trevor Navarra

I’m super pumped to release this week’s podcast. Some of you may have heard me talk about taking a buddy of mine hunting who has never hunted before. Hunting recruitment of adult hunters is probably the most effective way to strengthen the future of our hunting heritage, not to mention the opportunity for non-hunters to experience the quiet time to reflect while hunting and enjoying the outdoors. This podcast is a conversation with my friend Trevor leading up to the turkey opener in PA, and the day he becomes a hunter. We’ll do a part 2 to get Trevor’s perspective on the hunt…hopefully with some grip and  grin pictures—tune in!

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What To Expect From Podcast #59 :

—Trevor’s background

—Introduction to hunting through game meat

—Hunting was never a thought

—Learning karate from books

—Hunting and conservation

—Pulling the trigger

—And much more!

Show Notes And Links:

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