Podcast #42: Changing The Game & Two Buck October Magic W/Rick Kiely

Most hunters dream of filling a tag on a great deer during the season, let alone two within the first 2 weeks of the season. Rick Kiely of New York did just that. Rick hunts a combination of small parcel and public land. This October he had the magic touch taking two great bucks while going against the grain and hunting mornings, and resisting the urge to hunt old familiar places. He broke out of his comfort zone and changed his game this summer seeking new stand locations and was rewarded. If the two bucks weren’t enough, his instagram feed is full of videos of shooters he filmed on stand after tagging out!

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What To Expect From Podcast #42:

—John & Clint talk about their challenges as bowhunters

—Rick seeing shooters every sit

—Story of buck #1

—Hunting mornings

—Using cameras

—The buck approaches

—Walking up on a stud

—Buck #2

—Another October morning hunt, another arrow released

—Hunting the lull

—Making a smarter mouse trap

—Holding at full draw with a hinge release

—A two buck October

Show Notes And Links:

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