EP. 393: The Art & Grind Of Killing Mature Bucks | Brian Douglas

Hey Folks, In this episode I chat with Brian Douglas about the art of killing mature bucks. We cover hunting strategies, dealing with different terrains, and managing hunting pressure.

We dive into early season tactics, balancing patience and aggression, and the mental grind of hunting in October and the rut. We also talk about balancing hunting with family life, using trail cameras, and understanding deer behavior.

Don’t miss our chat about Brian’s business, GoodSitMobile, and their innovative elevated trail camera system.

Tune in and enjoy the show!


  • Impact of hunting pressure on deer behavior.
  • Recognizing nuances of early season hunting.
  • Using terrain to your advantage.
  • Balancing patience and aggression in hunting.
  • Challenges of different terrains on deer behavior.
  • Strategic decisions needed for early season hunting.
  • Mental and physical demands during the rut.
  • Impact of creature comforts on hunting success.
  • Balancing hunting and family life, dealing with guilt.
  • Emotional and strategic aspects of hunting big bucks.
  • Pressure effects on deer movement and importance of doe bedding areas.
  • Using trail cameras for scouting and GoodSitMobile’s elevated camera system.


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