EP. 373: Bird Dogs & Big Buck Tracks | Virginia Quail Hunt

Today on the podcast I did something a little different. My buddy Aaron Hepler and I headed south to Virginia to do something I’ve never done before. We went quail hunting with bird dogs with the folks at Cumberland Estate. I’ve hunted rabbits with dogs as a kid, but the only upland bird hunting I’ve ever done was busting brush with the old man chasing pheasants…never with a dog. And, I love anything with history behind it and the grounds we stayed on and hunted were full of history and birds. Great people, great quail hunting, amazing bird dogs, and rich with colonial era history. The unintended benefit…I learned this are is a sleeper spot for big deer…shhh. Oh…and quail are harder to hit than I thought…shot a few…missed a lot! Big thanks to Kyle and Chloe for the great hang! – thanks for listening.

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  1. Quail Hunting
  2. Cumberland Estate history
  3. Bird dogs teaching me more about using the wind
  4. Big buck tracks
  5. And much more


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