EP. 366: The Nature of The Beast | Jace Allen

Today I’m joined by my buddy Jace Allen. Jace is one of those people who is just born to deer hunt and chase mature bucks. He’s as dedicated to his craft as anyone you’ll meet. That doesn’t mean there aren’t hard lessons to learn…even for the most experienced woodsman. Most guys are thrilled to fill a tag no matter how the hunt ends so long as it end with a buck on the ground. Jace is a little different and the hunt and the animal means more to him than another piece of taxidermy on his wall. He’s been successful this season yet again…but he wasn’t happy with how the hunt unfolded – he expects more from himself and it’s why you won’t find a whitetail more deserving of success. Always a pleasure catching up with one of the Missouri killers – thanks for listening.

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  1. How seasons with a trad bow make you a better hunter
  2. Missing your target buck
  3. Give them an easy death
  4. A recovery, but not they way you want it
  5. Late season hunting strategies
  6. And more!


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