EP. 355: Change Is Inevitable| The Evolving DIY Bowhunter | Eddie Claypool

Today I’m joined by my good buddy Eddie Claypool. Eddie has been chasing DIY hunts and animals across the country since the late 70’s. You could say he’s the original DIY bowhunter. He’s lived the hay day of whitetail hunting in the midwest and hunted the best of the west for the better part of 40 years. Even though DIY blood runs through his veins, he’s changed his approach the past few years – time changes everyone and everything. You could say he pauses now to smell the roses. There’s wisdom in experience and age. And sometimes the best wisdom has less to do with how to fill tags and more to do with the importance of being in the moment…maybe it’s a cautionary tale of what might be slipping away from us. This might be a good reminder to breathe deep, and soak it all in as we kick off the season – thanks for listening.

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  1. Evolution 
  2. The winds of the west are changing
  3. Owning your own piece of dirt
  4. Early season prairie bucks
  5. Getting back to your roots
  6. And much more


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