EP. 345: If I Can See Him, I Can Kill Him | 168 Inch Average Score | Drew Bounds

Today I’m joined my buddy Drew Bounds. Drew cut his teeth hunting in the Deep South along the Arkansas/Lousiana border, but his passion takes him across state lines seeking adventure and the mature bucks of the midwest. Drew is on an eight year heater…where he’s filled his out of state tag eight years running. The average score of those eight bucks…168 inches and some change. That’s like batting .400 in the big leagues. Oh…and if you want big elk…he does that too! His secret sauce to killing big deer “if I can see him, I can kill him.” Hope you all dig the conversation as much as I did!

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  1. Hunting in the Deep South
  2. Cutting your teeth
  3. Travel hunting
  4. If I can see him I can kill him
  5. And Much More


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