EP. 321: Public Land Booner | Time Is Undefeated

Today I’m joined by my buddy Jace Allen. Jace was on over the summer to talk about how he builds buck quadrants to kill mature bucks. During that episode he alluded to the idea of having a season like he’s never had before in 2022. He was determined to put life on hold (or maybe just slow it down) to chase his passion, prioritize the woods, whitetails, and hunt more days from season start to season end than ever before possible. You might call this a dream season from many…but it wasn’t without it’s ups and downs. Oh…and he may have out dueled public land pressure to wrap a tag around at least one Boone & Crocket buck – thanks for listening!

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  1. Chasing a season
  2. Funny things happen around the 16th straight day of hunting
  3. Time is undefeated
  4. Doing what others aren’t
  5. Kentucky Booner Down
  6. And much more!


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