EP. 305: Secrets To Taking Mature Bucks On Public Lands | Michael Perry

Today I’m joined by my good buddy Michel Perry. We’ve had Michael on in the past to talk about his world-class buck he killed last year in Alabama and how he hunted that deer. Today we’re talking more about his lifelong study of hunting public lands and how this has been a family endeavor for more than 50 years. He’s chronicles this is a recent book he published “Secrets To Taking Mature Bucks On Public Lands.” It’s an interesting walk thru Michaels family history with his local public lands and how he, his brother and his dad learned valuable lessons in hunting mature public land bucks…before the internet and podcasts – thanks for listening!

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  1. It’s a family affair
  2. Each mature buck teaching a new lesson
  3. We need people using public lands
  4. Deer numbers and remembering how far things have come
  5. And much more!


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