Truth From The Stand Podcast #3: Adam Lewis Of Sound Barrier Talks Sound Concealment

Today on the show we’re joined by Adam Lewis, a freelance outdoor writer and CEO/Founder of Sound Barrier, to discuss sound concealment and how to get by a deer’s forgotten defense…their ears.

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What To Expect From Podcast #3 :

—Birthday parties

—Clint sinking ATVs

—Someone is going on an elk hunt

—Adam Lewis’ background and the beginning of Sound Barrier

—Using cover sound

—Environmental elements that impact sound in the whitetail woods

—A walk though the timber with Adam and sound concealment tips and strategies from truck to stand

—Adam Introduces Sound Barrier’s new products

Show Notes And Links:

—Visit to get sound concealment tips, news and the latest product updates!

—Preorder product through the Sound Barrier Crowd Fund page

—Get sound concealment tips and information by following Sound Barrier through social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram

—If you haven’t listened to our other podcasts, head over to our podcast page and check them out!

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