Freelance Deer Hunting Strategy | Iowa Public Land (Video)

Rather than share theories of how freelance hunting can work for you on travel hunts or on local lands you have limited information about…I thought I’d give you a real life example – the proof is always in the pudding (who knows what that means…I don’t think I’d eat that pudding??) Anyway. 

In this final episode of the three-part DIY Hunting Strategy series I’ll share with you on the map how I used freelance hunting to fill my tag in Iowa, and walk you through my thought process and decision making during the hunt. The parcel I was hunting is a little more than 9,000 acres. I did do a two-day scout in March prior to the season. But abandoned the areas I had scouted for a piece of public I had never walked on until I hunted it for the first time.  

There were ups and downs…but ultimately my persistence paid off!

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Ps. If you’ve not watched part 1 “Planning an Out-of-State DIY Public Land Hunt”  or part 2 ” Deer Hunting Strategy | Freelance Hunting” you may want to check those out too!