Podcast #31: Mature Buck Strategies & Increasing Your Odds w/Steve Bartylla

Today’s guest needs little introduction to those of us who obsess over whitetails.  I’m joined by Steve Bartylla who will share mature buck strategies and tactics, as well as habitat management tips to stack the odds in your favor on your property, or for specific stand locations.

Steve has been working in the outdoor industry for more than 25 years. He’s owned a whitetail consulting company, written several book, has written for a host of magazines, and you’ll see him most often on Deer & Deer Hunting’s Grow em Big web video series which is focused on deer management. Deer hunters of all levels can learn something from Steve. You may want to grab a pen and paper, as this show is packed full of whitetail information!

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What To Expect From Podcast #31:

—Clint & John’s early season hunting plans

—Deer work to do before the season

—John’s home security measures

—John’s Missouri card pull & Clint’s Pennsylvania card pull

—John’s encounter with an Iowa “el shooter”

—To hunt mornings or not, in early season

—Steve’s background

—What Steve’s doing now for final habitat enhancements

—Scrape tree’s and how to make and use them

—Stacking the odds in your favor with small updates on your property

—How to stack the odds in your favor for your stand locations

—Hinge cutting for food and cover

—Wasting a deer’s daylight time on your property

—Our best weapon in the deer woods, our minds

—And much more from Steve!

Show Notes And Links:

—Visit our partners  Exodus Outdoor Gear , Whitetail Institute of North America, and Lone Wolf Portable Treestands

—Be sure to follow Steve on facebook 

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2 thoughts on “Podcast #31: Mature Buck Strategies & Increasing Your Odds w/Steve Bartylla

  1. Hey guys, I really enjoy listening to your podcast. I spend a lot of time on the road and hunting podcasts are a significant part of how I spend my time. I especially enjoy any episodes that are primarily educational. Steve’s comments on scrape trees caught my attention. Theres another podcast I listen to (And I’ve also been to the workshops they offer) called The Hunt Fish Journal. I think you would be very interested to hear Jerry Everhart’s scrape hunting method He’s is in his 70’s and has made field notes every time he’s been hunting since starting in the 1970’s. He’s harvested a P&Y caliber buck in 12 or 13 of the last 15 years, shooting fingers with a recurve bow. In the average year, he accomplished it with only 3-4 sits in the stand. He has developed an algorithm, based on photoperiod like Steve said, to calculate the start of the seek stage which varies bay a day or 2 each year. The benefit is being able to stay out of the woods until the key dates and avoid burning a great stand.

    http://huntfishjournal.com. scroll back to episode #126 from 6/17/16 for a general overview. In episodes 129-132, 135-140 Jerry lays out, step by step, his Rut Functional Hunting method

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