EP. 392: The Evolving Landscape of Hunting | Josh Profitt

On today’s episode, I’m chatting with Josh Profitt about our deer hunting experiences and the impact of life changes on our pursuits. We dive into the grit and determination needed to chase specific deer and the support that keeps us going. 

We discuss the challenges of hunting thick terrain and dealing with road traffic. Josh shares his experience chasing a world-class deer named Bones and the hurdles of hunting in high-traffic areas.

We break down strategies for public versus private land, the role of hunting pressure, and how technology like cell cameras and mapping tools is changing the game. Scouting and adapting to new conditions are key.

This episode is all about the evolving landscape of hunting and the importance of staying flexible. Tune in for insights and stories that will boost your hunting game. 

Tune in and enjoy the show!


  • Determination and sacrifice are crucial for success
  • Hunting in thick areas and dealing with road traffic 
  • Pursuing popular deer can lead to frustration 
  • Challenges and strategies differ between public and private land hunting
  • Hunting pressure and the evolving landscape of hunting
  • Technology and hunting


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