EP. 331: A Safe Place To Become Dangerous | Tim Carpenter

Today I’m joined by my buddy Tim Carpenter. Tim is the owner and coach at Hellfisfish MMA. He’s been immersed in martial arts for nearly all of his life and is incredibly accomplished in every thing from Judo to BJJ and as a professional MMA fighter. If you’ve listened to this podcast for any length of time you likely know two things about me. My rekindled love of grappling/Jiu jitsu. And finding connection points among things that on the surface seem to not have much in common but share fundamental principals. I was surprised by how many folks who listen to the podcast are jiu jitsu practitioners. And BJJ and bow hunting whitetails is…well…not as different as some might think. There’s a lot of similarity between a killer in the whitetail woods and a killer on the jiu jitsu mats. The obvious is the dedication and passion to the craft. What is often overlooked is the elite performers in both are….experts in the fundamentals preferring substance over style. I hope you all dig this episode as much as I enjoyed the conversation – thanks for listening!

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