EP.328: Wind Bump Bucks |Four Public Land Bucks In Four Seasons

Today I’m joined by Brent Hits. Brent is a die-hard public land whitetail hunter from the state of Virginia. Finding success on mature deer is hard. Finding that success on public land, even harder. To find that success four consecutive years…well…that’s quite an achievement and exactly what Brent did from 2018-2021. Today we talk about his approach, how each hunt played out and hunting Virginia public land in high pressured areas of the state. Hope you dig it – thanks for listening!

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  1. Hunting Virginia public land
  2. Brent’s approach to finding mature bucks]
  3. A beast disciple
  4. Finding bucks where no one wants to hunt
  5. 4 bucks, four seasons
  6. And Much More


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