Truth From The Stand Podcast #23: Hunting Buck Beds & East Coast Public Land W/The Bowhunting Fiend

Today on the show I’m joined by Greg Litzinger, also known as the Bowhunting Fiend. Greg is a hardcore public land hunter who predominantly hunts the high pressure state of New Jersey. An avid self filmer, Greg recently joined the Behind The Bow crew who share Greg’s passion for whitetail, and his DIY approach. I’m looking forward to seeing the footage he captures from his public land hunts this coming year. Whether Greg is scouting salt marshes in the off season, finding buck beds, or shooting 3D, one thing is for sure—he lives, eats and breaths bowhunting!

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What To Expect From Podcast #23:

—Greg’s background

—Greg’s 2016 season

—Number of properties he scouts in a year

—Favorite time of year to scout

—Scouting and hunting buck beds

—Hunting and scouting hill country

—Hunting and scouting swamps

—Moon phase fact or fiction

—Woodsman ship vs. technology

—Self filming and joining Behind The Bow

—Prepping for an elk hunt

—Greg’s gear

—Greg takes us on a hunt

Show Notes And Links:

—Visit our partners  Exodus Outdoor Gear , Whitetail Institute of North America, and Lone Wolf Portable Treestands

—Be sure to follow Greg  Instagram and Youtube

—Check out Buck Bumper from Sound Barrier and take your stealth to the next level. Use the promo code “the stand” and get 10% off at check out!