Weekly Harvest: 4/7/17

Weekly Harvest

Happy Friday all!

It feels like spring is finally here and with that I’m looking forward to chasing some longbeards! My daughter is ready for her second season of spring turkey hunting and I can’t wait to share a day or two in a blind with her. Hopefully we’ll have better luck this year.

With all this nice weather I’ve been able to put in some extra hours at the range extending my max kill range for my fall western hunt.  I have to say, I’m pleased with my progress and am shooting well at my max distance. Also, be sure to check out Podcast 21 for a chance to win an Exodus Trail Camera! That said, I think I’ll keep this short and head to the range and leave you with this week’s best deer news!

Three Questions Every Deer Forage Expert Asks: The way forage is browsed, or cut by an animals teeth, is something I’ll start paying more attention to.

5 Summer Food Plot Strategy Questions You Need To Answer: I’ve been going back and forth trying to decide if I should put summer plots on my dad’s new property. I think this first year I’ll focus on fall and winter and observer and tweak next year.

Deer Waterholes Myth Tips: The new property has a natural waterhole that is fed by a fresh underground spring. I’m really curious to see how this plays into the overall deer movement.

Federal Land Transfer—Beware Of Politicians Bearing Maps:  Be sure to read the fine print….

Deer Hunting Girl’s Reaction Is Why We Hunt: This video is a reminder why we hunt!