Weekly Harvest: 9/30/16

Alright, opening day is finally here!  Even though I’ve been out once already, the season doesn’t feel like it’s begun until I get to hunt the farm. As you’re reading this I’ll be headed west on the turnpike wondering what this year’s hunt has in store. With that I’ll keep this short since I still need to pack.

But before I go, I’ll leave you with this week’s best whitetail news from the world whitetail web!

How Big Could He Be: I had a young 11 pt. on the farm last year. I aged him at 2 years old. I was hoping he’d make it one more year here in Pennsylvania and I’m almost certain he didn’t make it through rifle season.

5 Reasons To Hunt October: I usually take it easy in October. However, this year I have a few pieces of public ground I’ll hunt often this October.

3 Major Advantages To Hunting Bucks In The Woods: This my plan is to hunt the more remote areas of our property. Hopefully it pays off.

Deer Minute Episode 7—Anti-Hunters vs. Deer Hunters: This is why it’s important to be informed. The more you know…