Weekly Harvest: 9/23/16

Weekly Harvest

Happy Friday before my first evening in a stand! I was supposed to be in a stand last Saturday however, adult responsibility got in the way. To say I’m looking forward to getting back in a stand is an understatement! The season at the farm doesn’t open for another week, so I’ll be trying my hand at a new piece of public ground. With my scouting trip to Ohio in the books and other family obligations, I’ve only been able to scout this new piece of PA public land online. We’ll see how quickly I can assess things once I put boots on the ground Saturday afternoon.

Good luck to everyone headed to the timber this weekend/next week, and enjoy this week’s rendition of the best whitetail related news articles from the world whitetail web!

Talking With Neighboring Hunters: QDM is a great way to increase opportunities at mature bucks. I recently did a podcast with Ryan Furrer of QDMA on this exact topic

5 Habits Of Mature Bucks: A great refresher as you take to the timber this fall

Deer And Acorns—The Game Is Changing: Acorns have been dropping in my neck of the woods. I’m banking on this crop for one of my stand locations.

It’s Treestand Safety & National Preparedness Month: Often overlooked but the most important part of the hunt is coming home. Take any necessary safety precautions before hitting the timber and wear your safety harness!!

Are You Losing Mature Buck Numbers Where You Hunt: Keeping mature bucks content is key to keeping them on your property.