Weekly Harvest: 8/12/16

Weekly Harvest

Happy Friday all!

One week closer…the days are getting a little shorter and we’ll soon be getting a break from the heat. My scouting trip to Ohio is planned—super pumped for this trip. And I think I’ve got my dates nailed down for the actual Ohio hunting trip. My plan is to be flexible the first two weeks in November and hunt both Pennsylvania and Ohio, depending on where the best weather happens to be.

This weekend I’ll be visiting with our most recent podcast guest, Jerry Lannen. He’ll be doing a predator hunting seminar at the Cabela’s in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. I think one of my favorite things about this blog and the podcast is all the people I’ve been able to meet so far. Hope to meet and talk with more of you soon!

For now, I’ll leave you with this week’s rendition of the Weekly Harvest…deer news from the world whitetail web—enjoy!

Best Spots For Bowhunting Maryland: I’ve heard the eastern shore is a gem in this region. This is a relatively short drive for me. I’ll be adding this to my list for a visit in the near future.

Why I Hunt Deer Over Bait: I say if it’s legal where you hunt…have at it!

Seven Tips For Processing Meat In Hot Weather: Some great tips for saving your game meat during a warm hunt. Warm weather hunting is nearly hear!

6 Tracking Tips To Help You Find More Deer: I agree with all these tips except number 6. For archery hunting, I follow the wait 30 minutes in the stand rule before beginning to track an arrowed deer.

Shooting Lanes For Better Bow Hunting: Time to set those stand and trim lanes!

How To Monitor For Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease, And What To Do If You Find It: Unfortunately these are tips to consider as we’re all finalizing our summer/early fall prep for hunting season.

Hunting Season Food Plot Planting: Some last minute tips for those fall food plots.

Treestand Shooting Tips For Mature Bucks: A few good reminders in here that I’ll take with me for this season.

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    1. Hi Art,

      Thanks for checking out the site and podcast! It was good to meet/sling some arrows with you. I have checked out the PSU blog in the past. Truthfully, I probably don’t visit it as often as I should. Thanks for the reminder. Let’s try to meet up at the range!

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