Weekly Harvest: 7/29/16

Weekly Harvest

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m pretty pumped, I just started my vacation with my family and am writing to you from North Carolina. The next few days will be spent relaxing by the pool and shooting my bow at my dad’s place. Then the family and I will head toward the mountains of Asheville North Carolina. Looking forward to some hiking once we hit Asheville.

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In the interest of maximizing my pool-side beverage enjoyment, I’ll get right to the good stuff. Check out this week’s best deer hunting news from the world whitetail web—enjoy!

How To Choose A Stand Location That Keeps You Concealed: Count me as one of those guys who prefers cover in a treestand vs. more/super clean shooting lanes.

Set A Whitetail Buffet—Planting Fall Annuals For Fall Food Plots: It’s fall food plot time!

The Greatest Deer Hunting Snack In The History Of Forever: I’m a jerky and protein bar person…keeps me traveling light!

Treestand Exit Strategies: Get in and out of stand locations without spooking deer!

2016 Rut Forecast Weekend Rut Timing: Put in your time off if you haven’t already!